cross-arch building picobsd/nanobsd images ?

Garrett Cooper yanegomi at
Thu Jan 5 06:29:46 UTC 2012

On Wed, Jan 4, 2012 at 9:50 PM, Adrian Chadd <adrian at> wrote:
> On 4 January 2012 20:53, Jacques Fourie <jacques.fourie at> wrote:
>> I've posted a diff to -arm about 2 years ago that I used to
>> cross-build arm picobsd images for a gumstix platform on a i386 host.
>> I don't know if the diff will apply cleanly anymore but here it is in
>> anyway.
> Hi,
> I've figured out all the right flags to pass to a cross-build
> environment. Namely:


> .. ignore LOCAL_TOOL_DIRS, I haven't committed that yet to -HEAD.
> If someone would like to update picobsd to make this work, I'll
> happily test out patches and commit it to -HEAD.
> Building -8 and previous needed some extra hacks (eg
> TARGET_BIG_ENDIAN) which have been removed from -HEAD/-9.

    Here's the FreeNAS project/iXsystems' contribution to nanobsd
which was contributed back to Warner, but hasn't been reviewed /
committed to CURRENT since I missed my pre-Christmas window of
opportunity :(. There are some potentially helpful gems that could be
added to picobsd (and vice versa I'm sure) -- look for NANO_ARCH for
instance; it doesn't resolve the TARGET_BIG_ENDIAN issue noted
previously, but that's probably part of the reason why NANO_PMAKE is a
separate variable...
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