atkbc not loaded with ACPI enabled in 9.0

John Baldwin jhb at
Tue Jan 3 16:23:52 UTC 2012

On Monday, January 02, 2012 11:39:10 pm aconnolly08 at wrote:
> I am running 9.0-RC3 on an Acer Aspire One D255E netbook. I have most of the 
functionality I want with one major exception, when I enable ACPI my 
integrated keyboard drivers aren't loaded. Without ACPI I can use my keyboard 
as atkbdc and atkbd get loaded, (not psm though), but I have problems with 
shutdown, time settings, power settings and usb controllers.
> I have tried various ways of tackling this including:
> 1. including "nooptions NEW_PCIB" in kernel configuration, rebuilding and 
installing >> no effect
> 2a. including "debug.acpi.disabled="pci" " >> can't mount file system2b. 
including "debug.acpi.disabled="bus" " >> can't mount file system 2c. 
including "debug.acpi.disabled="children" " >> can't mount file system2d. 
including "debug.acpi.disabled="hostres" "
>  >> no effect
> 3. making the edit in r228961, rebuilding the kernel and installing >> no 
> I have the latest bios (v3.x), but it features very few changeable options.
> Here's the output of my dmesg -aHere's the output of my devinfo -vrHere's 
the output of my devinfo -ur
> Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
> Best regards,Adrian Connolly

Hmm, none of your attachments made it to the list.  Can you post them at a 

John Baldwin

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