if_bce tx / rx tick limits

Florian Wilkemeyer fw at f-ws.de
Wed Nov 30 14:52:03 UTC 2011


i wonder about the bce driver's  tx / rx tick limits
(ticks and ticks_int are limited to 100; otherwise default value (80) 
gets used)

(if_bce.c line 921 / 933 .. )

On DragonFly BSD the values can be set much higher (such as 1000 ..)
which would be great in a high-traffic setup.
(On linux there's no limit too as far as i remember)

Is there any reason why its limited down to 100?


I'm sorry if this was the wrong mailing list for it; i don't know whats 
the right list for this (probably net or driver ?)

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