removing libreadline from base system

Max Khon fjoe at
Tue Nov 29 09:46:31 UTC 2011


On Tue, Nov 29, 2011 at 3:59 PM, Baptiste Daroussin <bapt at>wrote:

> It is possible to build and link our in-tree gdb & friends with libedit
> > after r228114.
> >
> > The remaining question is what to do with libreadline:
> >
> > 1) just build & link gdb with libedit
> >
> > OR
> >
> > 2) re-import libreadline from gdb sources and build INTERNALLIB version
> of
> > it that is never installed and is linked only to gdb
> >
> > I am inclined to go for 1) but libedit may have (and has)
> incompatibilities
> > with libreadline.
> Back when I sent a libedit upgrade patch, before obrien update libedit on
> his
> own, I managed to build the whole tree with libedit, gdb, ntpc and others
> were
> fully functionnal with it, (at that time I totally removed libreadline)

The whole src tree now builds without libreadline.

> The only "problem" I see is from the ports lots of them relies on base
> libreadline, so we need to first run an exp-run without libreadline, to
> determine the impact and fix the related ports, before we can fully dropped
> libreadline.

This is a separate issue that I want to handle separately.

The question is what to do with gdb & friends. Link it with libedit or
re-import bundled readline (that is shipped with gdb) and build/link it
only to gdb.

I am inclined to do the former.


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