upgrade issue 8.x to 9.0-RC2: libz.so.5 not found

Martin Sugioarto martin at sugioarto.com
Tue Nov 29 07:05:36 UTC 2011

Am Mon, 28 Nov 2011 17:49:50 -0800
schrieb allan at stokes.ca:

> Hello everyone,


(I'll shorten this a bit, because I don't have opinions on everything
you wrote)
> I'm either not brave enough or insane enough to put my FreeBSD system
> volume onto the ZFS mirror, as much as that seems kind of cool.
> Plain old UFS on a separate drive for me.  Have others had success
> with ZFS system volumes?

Since 8.2 I can confirm that ZFS was stable enough for me. But I have
to admit that I'm still a bit sceptical because (even it's been long
time ago) once I ended up with a broken zpool that spewed panics on
zpool initialization. That was a horrible experience that I won't
forget that easily.
> However, programs such as startx and portupgrade are failing with the
> message "libz.so.5 not found".  I know I can fix this with an evil
> symlink, but that doesn't seem right, and what else is broken?  Is
> there not a facility in portupgrade to scan my live dependencies and
> warn me of breakage?  I have not encountered such a beast in my
> gleanings to date.

There is a little helper in port sysutils/bsdadminscripts called

I use this tool very often like this:

pkg_libchk -qo > broken.txt

And then I cat it to portmaster:

portmaster -d `cat broken.txt`

I don't know anymore how the portmaster step works with portupgrade,
you need to figure this out by yourself.
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