Building FreeBSD 10.0-CURRENT/amd64 of today fails (with clang and WITH_LIBCPLUSPLUS=YES)

Garrett Cooper yanegomi at
Mon Nov 28 23:20:48 UTC 2011

On Mon, Nov 28, 2011 at 2:59 PM, O. Hartmann
<ohartman at> wrote:
> Am 11/28/11 20:10, schrieb Garrett Cooper:
>> On Mon, Nov 28, 2011 at 10:11 AM, O. Hartmann
>> <ohartman at> wrote:
>>> Am 11/27/11 22:05, schrieb Garrett Cooper:
>>>> On Sun, Nov 27, 2011 at 9:01 AM, O. Hartmann
>>>> <ohartman at> wrote:
>>>>> Sources of FreeBSD 10.0-CUR/amd64 as svn-ed recently:
>>>>> Path: .
>>>>> Working Copy Root Path: /usr/src
>>>>> URL: svn://
>>>>> Repository Root: svn://
>>>>> Repository UUID: ccf9f872-aa2e-dd11-9fc8-001c23d0bc1f
>>>>> Revision: 228029
>>>>> Node Kind: directory
>>>>> Schedule: normal
>>>>> Last Changed Author: trociny
>>>>> Last Changed Rev: 228029
>>>>> Last Changed Date: 2011-11-27 17:56:01 +0100 (Sun, 27 Nov 2011)
>>>>> fail to build with the following error:
>>>> Look for the first "Error code" in your output -- the line before that
>>>> is the real error. That being said, there were some additional CFLAGS
>>>> that needed to be fed in to make things work with libc++ and libcxxrt
>>>> IIRC.
>>>> Cheers,
>>>> -Garrett
>>> ... thanks for the advice.
>>> Is there any chance to find out which Flags one has to set (the WIKI
>>> seems not to mention anything)?
>> Should be off by default; it can be enabled via WITH_LIBCPLUSPLUS.
>> -Garrett
>> _______________________________________________
> Hello Garrett.
> Yes, it is off by default and the system build well with this feature
> off by default. But when enabling WITH_LIBCPLUSPLUS in /etc/src.conf,
> I get always the error I started this thread with.
> Well, either this is a real error and I should PR, or it is my
> impatience that tries to use something still getting merged.
> I tried to look at the wiki for that, but it does not mention anything
> else apart the flag WITH_LIBCPLUSPLUS. No additional CFLAGS or something
> ... so I'm a little bit confused.

Read through
-- in particular:

"libcxxrt and libc++ are now in contrib and building with the base system, but
are not used by anything (and are only built if you set WITH_LIBCPLUSPLUS=yes
when building world, not by default). If you want to test some code with the
new stack, you need to build it and then specify >> -stdlib=libc++ << to clang++
(both when compiling and linking)."

That being said, if there's something else that's required I've CCed
David for visibility. I would definitely include the full build log
somewhere else so someone can analyze the error.


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