NFS + SVN problem?

Sean Bruno seanbru at
Mon Nov 28 18:11:47 UTC 2011

> Oh, and don't hesitate to try NFSv4. It should do the locking correctly without
> needing "nolockd" and the more testing it gets, the better.;-)
> rick
> > Removing soft,intr had no effect. This, I suspect will be problematic
> > for clusteradm@ if we start updating hosts in the cluster.
> > 
> > Sean

Doesn't look like dumpster supports V4?

[tcp] dumpster:/vol/volshscratch: NFSPROC_NULL: RPC: Program/version
mismatch; low version = 2, high version = 3
mount_nfs: Cannot immediately mount dumpster:/vol/volshscratch,

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