Problem compiling libs after pass to current

ZaRiuS KRiNG zklist at
Mon Nov 28 17:55:06 UTC 2011

Ok, the second know how make, but the first no.

How can set new uname -r in the environment? Sorry but in some things need
a lot of experience, and for that try use current

About what programs got the fail? Chromium and Abiword, with one, 2-3 with
second just one. But make that, pkg_add -r and continue with compiling but
want learn how solve the problem no, just evade it

Thanks for all

2011/11/28 Maciej Milewski <milu at>

> Dnia niedziela, 27 listopada 2011 19:59:44 ZaRiuS KRiNG pisze:
> > Hi! is my first post here and have a little problem try to google some
> and
> > don't find any of value.
> >
> > A week ago compile the src of current, and after that in any new port i
> > install, if compile before any lib, don't work, i need to install pkg
> from
> > repository of that lib and continue compiling the program, and work fine.
> > Just have this problem with the libs
> >
> > Any solution?
> Have you updated you ports tree? Maybe you are affected by the issue
> mentioned
> in ports/UPDATING:
> 20110928:
>  AFFECTS: users of 10-current
>  AUTHOR: eadler at
>  There are known issues installing ports on FreeBSD 10+ due to
>  bogus assumptions by various build scripts. This will not be fixed
>  until 9-RELEASE is released.
>  There are two workarounds:
>  1) Set UNAME_r=9.9-CURRENT in your environment
>  2) Set REVISION="9.9" in  ${SRCDIR}/sys/conf/
> --
> Maciek

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