zfs i/o hangs on 9-PRERELEASE

Mark Felder feld at feld.me
Mon Nov 28 02:21:26 UTC 2011

After many hours of testing, reproducing, and testing again I've 
finally been able to narrow down what the real issue is and it's not ZFS 
as I suspected. After completely turning off all NFS functionality and 
serving my files over Samba I haven't had a single issue. It seems there 
is something going on with the new NFS code (I serve out over v4, but 
reproduced it last week with v3) and my media player box, a Popcorn Hour 
A-200 which is running Linux. If I can cobble some hardware together and 
place it between so I can do some tcpdumps I will provide that data so 
perhaps someone can understand what's going on. If this is due to a 
badly behaving client this is potentially a DoS on the server.



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