[PATCH] Detect GNU/kFreeBSD in user-visible kernel headers

Robert Millan rmh at debian.org
Tue Nov 22 19:28:07 UTC 2011

2011/11/22 John Baldwin <jhb at freebsd.org>:
>> Not currently (except for kernel-space code), but if all the checks
>> that use __FreeBSD_version are like the one you describe, I think it'd
>> make sense.
> I can think of cases where you might want it exposed (e.g. in the parts
> of net-snmp that grovel around in kernel data structures and use
> __FreeBSD_version to figure out what the right thing to do is, possibly
> the same with lsof).
>> But we need to make sure that defining it wouldn't suddenly enable
>> code that is intended for FreeBSD userland, like it happens with
>> __FreeBSD__.
> Correct.  I don't believe that is the case since normally one has to
> check for __FreeBSD__ before using __FreeBSD_version.

Makes sense.  I'll bring this up in debian-bsd mailing list.

Thanks for the tip

Robert Millan

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