9.0-RC2 - bsdinstall miscount of remaining diskspace after partition deletion.

Peter fbsdq at peterk.org
Mon Nov 21 19:06:49 UTC 2011

> On Saturday, November 19, 2011 7:07:58 pm Nathan Whitehorn wrote:
>> On 11/18/11 17:09, nevtic at tx.net wrote:
>> >
>> > If you are performating a manual partion in 9.0-RC2 bsdinstall and you
>> > delete any created partition except the most recently created one, the
>> > total remaining space will be miscalculated.  Reproducable as shown
>> > below.
>> >
>> > Workaround:  if you delete a partition that is not the last partition
>> > that was created, delete all partitions created after that partition
>> > before continuing.  Order does not seem to be important.
>> >
>> > The results are similar with other hard drive sizes, with the i386 or
>> > amd64 distributions, and with either 9.0-RC2 or 9.0-RC1 (I did not go
>> > back and check install discs prior to RC1)
>> >
>> > Reproducing the miscount:
>> >
>> > A 114 GB drive is used for this example:
>> >
>> >   Select Manual Partitioning
>> >
>> >   Perform the first Create on the drive and select GPT
>> >
>> >   Creating the first partition:  "Add Partition" "size" shows 114GB
>> >
>> >     Change size to 4GB, set mountpoint to  /  and tab to OK
>> >       (agree to the boot partition creation)
>> >
>> >   Create a second partition: "Add Partition" "size" shows 110GB
>> >
>> >     Adjust size to 10GB, set mountpoint to  /usr and tab to OK
>> >
>> >   Create a third partition: "Add Partition" "size" shows 100GB
>> >
>> >     Adjust size to 20GB, set mountpoint to /var, and tab to OK
>> >
>> >   Create a 4th partition: "size" shows 80GB remaining
>> >
>> >     Adjust size to 40GB, set mountpoint to /data,  and tab to OK.
>> >
>> > There is 40 GB remaining on the drive.  Now change the size of /var.
>> > First, delete the currently configured /var partition.
>> >
>> > In the Partition Editor, adding up all the lines on the screen shows
>> > 54GB (plus a 64K boot) as allocated, so there should now be 60GB
>> > remaining.  But the deleted /var space has not been added back into
>> > the total.
>> >
>> > Select Create again: "Add Partition" "size" shows 40GB
>> >
>> >    Adjust size to 30GB, set mountpoint as /var, tab to OK
>> >
>> > A subsequent "Create" will show that 20GB is remaining, rather than
>> > the actual remaining 30GB.  Selecting any size 20GB or larger for
>> > /home will give you a 20GB partition, and then an additional create
>> > will show the 10GB.
>> This isn't a bug. The partitions are laid out on disk already, and,
>> because you deleted one in the middle, the largest *contiguous* block of
>> free space is 20GB, which is what is shown and the maximum it is
>> possible to create. That's why you can make one 20 GB partition and one
>> 10 GB partition, but not a single 30 GB one.
> Except that this is not intuitive.  If I'm laying out a disk and haven't
> committed the changes yet, it should be possible to do things like resize
> an existing partition, or have the installer realize that if you delete
> one partition the other partitions that are pending should just "move up"
> to maximize free space automatically.  I ran into this when first trying
> the new installer last week where you could not modify a pending
> partition's
> size which I found non-intuitive.
> --
> John Baldwin
> _______________________________________________

Issue is not just because of deleting a partition in the middle, but also
because the installer doesn't use up 100% of the remaining disk space...

I'm doing an install onto a 232GB drive now. Deleted all partitions, and
created the following:

ada0p1 64KB freebsd-boot
ada0p2 10GB freebsd-ufs /
ada0p3 1GB  freebsd-swap none

When I go to create 'p4' it automatically fills the disk space to 221GB,
so now I have:

ada0p4 221GB freebsd-ufs /data

..BUT I can still create 'p5' with a size of 907MB!

Workaround is to delete 'p4' and hit 'Create' but for size instead of
accepting default of '221GB' I input '321GB' [well over the physical disk
size] - It creates 'p5' with size 221GB and now when I go to create 'p5' I
get the expected 'No free space left on device'.

Both times the installer showed 221GB for /data, but one time it still had
907MB left to create a fifth partition - So it rounds down the 221.9GB to
221GB giving a false impression the disk is 100% full.

and yes, when I delete 'p2' and my 221GB 'p4', I can create another
partition of 221GB  [which is now p2] and then create another 10GB
partition which becomes p4. The installer should move swap to p2 and allow
me to recreate p3 with size of 331GB instead of this result:

ada0p1 64kB  freebsd-boot
ada0p3 1GB   freebsd-swap
ada0p2 221GB freebsd-ufs /data
ada0p4 10GB  freebsd-ufs /

How did p2 become 221GB when originally it was only 10GB? Seems nothing is
written to disk at this point and the installer should have dynamically
"moved" p3 into p2, and allowed to use the remaining continous disk space
for p3 of 331GB [after all, it moved 221GB from p4 to p2 without a

  There are more "advanced user" installer issues which I'm documenting.

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