The FreeBSD Project in the Google Code-In 2011 contest

Wojciech A. Koszek wkoszek at
Sun Nov 20 20:38:40 UTC 2011


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The FreeBSD project has been accepted to the Google Code-In 2011 contest.

We have proposed 50 tasks so far, and more are still coming!

This is an event similar to the Google Summer of Code, but is targetted to
people in the 13-17 age range. Young people will be working on
FreeBSD-related tasks for the next weeks.

If you know any potential candidates, feel free to forward this message.

Brief summary:

T-shirts and possibility of earning some $$$ for participants.
The best participants get a chance to see the Google complex in Mountain View,
Silicon Valley, California, USA.

FreeBSD tasks are here:

	Ideas page can be extended till December, 16th!

Contest's home page:

	After you create an account, you can acquire tasks which you're interested
	in (if any of them are left!)

Start date:

	November, 21st (tomorrow)

Official communication channels:

	IRC (EFNet):    #freebsd-soc
	Q/A:		    wkoszek at FreeBSD.ORG, jceel at FreeBSD.ORG, eadler at
			wkoszek, jceel, eadler on IRC
	Mailing list:   freebsd-hackers@
	                Please coordinate communication with your mentor.
	                Include '[GCIN]' header when posting to freebsd-hackers@

In case of potential task candidates, ideas and suggestions, feel free
to contact me.

Wojciech A. Koszek
wkoszek at

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