FreeBSD 9.0-RC2 Available...

Luchesar V. ILIEV luchesar.iliev at
Fri Nov 18 11:36:04 UTC 2011

On 18/11/2011 12:53, Thomas Mueller wrote:
>> If you would like to use csup/cvsup mechanisms to access the source
>> tree the branch tag to use is now "RELENG_9_0", if you use "." (head)
>> you will get 10-CURRENT.  If you would like to access the source tree
>> via SVN it is "svn://".  We still have
>> the nit that the creation of a new SVN branch winds up causing what
>> looks like a check-in of the entire tree in CVS (a side-effect of the
>> svn2cvs exporter) so "mergemaster -F" is your friend if you are using
>> csup/cvsup.
> About a couple days before seeing this message, or the message on the FreeBSD web site, but after seeing RC2 on the server,
> I already ran csup with
> *default release=cvs tag=RELENG_9
> Am I screwed, am I OK, or do I simply have to rerun csup with RELENG_9_0 instead of RELENG_9 ?

RELENG_9 (cvs) = stable/9 (svn) = 9.N-STABLE (, `uname -r`)
RELENG_9_0 (cvs) = releng/9.0 (svn) = 9.0-RELEASE (, uname)

In short, if you want to use the 9.0-RELEASE (when it finally gets
ready), then you need to switch to RELENG_9_0. If you prefer using
-STABLE for your systems, then you're OK with RELENG_9.

In case you don't know or are not quite sure about the differences
between -RELEASE and -STABLE, I'd recommend switching to RELENG_9_0.

> Again, I can't find that file (needle in the haystack) in /usr/src tree that shows version number such as RC2.

This has already been answered, but just a quick note. If you've
recently updated your sources using the RELENG_9 tag, you'll most likely
see the version in as:


If you switch to RELENG_9_0 and update your sources again, you should
see the familiar:




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