Stop scheduler on panic

Andriy Gapon avg at
Wed Nov 16 22:21:31 UTC 2011

on 16/11/2011 21:27 Fabian Keil said the following:
> Kostik Belousov <kostikbel at> wrote:
>> I was tricked into finishing the work by Andrey Gapon, who developed
>> the patch to reliably stop other processors on panic.  The patch
>> greatly improves the chances of getting dump on panic on SMP host.
> I tested the patch trying to get a dump (from the debugger) for
> kern/162036, which currently results in the double fault reported in:
> It didn't help, but also didn't make anything worse.
> Fabian

The mi_switch recursion looks very familiar to me:
mi_switch() at mi_switch+0x270
critical_exit() at critical_exit+0x9b
spinlock_exit() at spinlock_exit+0x17
mi_switch() at mi_switch+0x275
critical_exit() at critical_exit+0x9b
spinlock_exit() at spinlock_exit+0x17
[several pages of the previous three lines skipped]
mi_switch() at mi_switch+0x275
critical_exit() at critical_exit+0x9b
spinlock_exit() at spinlock_exit+0x17
intr_even_schedule_thread() at intr_event_schedule_thread+0xbb
ahci_end_transaction() at ahci_end_transaction+0x398
ahci_ch_intr() at ahci_ch_intr+0x2b5
ahcipoll() at ahcipoll+0x15
xpt_polled_action() at xpt_polled_action+0xf7

In fact I once discussed with jhb this recursion triggered from a different
place.  To quote myself:
<avg>   spinlock_exit -> critical_exit -> mi_switch -> kdb_switch ->
thread_unlock -> spinlock_exit -> critical_exit -> mi_switch -> ...
<avg>   in the kdb context
<avg>   this issue seems to be triggered by td_owepreempt being true at the time
kdb is entered
<avg>   and there of course has to be an initial spinlock_exit call somewhere
<avg>   in my case it's because of usb keyboard
<avg>   I wonder if it would make sense to clear td_owepreempt right before
calling kdb_switch in mi_switch
<avg>   instead of in sched_switch()
<avg>   clearing td_owepreempt seems like a scheduler-independent operation to me
<avg>   or is it better to just skip locking in usb when kdb_active is set
<avg>   ?

The workaround described above should work in this case.
Another possibility is to pessimize mtx_unlock_spin() implementations to check
SCHEDULER_STOPPED() and to bypass any further actions in that case.  But that
would add unnecessary overhead to the sunny day code paths.

Going further up the stack one can come up with the following proposals:
- check SCHEDULER_STOPPED() swi_sched() and return early
- do not call swi_sched() from xpt_done() if we somehow know that we are in a
polling mode

Andriy Gapon

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