[PATCH] Detect GNU/kFreeBSD in user-visible kernel headers

Warner Losh imp at bsdimp.com
Wed Nov 16 18:39:15 UTC 2011

Hey Robert,

Thanks for jumping into this.  Sadly, it is a bit of a mess.  Many of the "multiple BSD flavor" support #ifdefs are actually quite stale by now, so they should be cleaned up.  That's not something you have to cope with, unless you want, but it colors my first reaction :)

My second reaction was why not have

#ifndef __FreeBSD_kernel__
#define __FreeBSD_kernel__ __FreeBSD__

in sys/param.h and then just change __FreeBSD__ to __FreeBSD_kernel__ in the headers that are affected?  But I'm not quite sure what effects that would have on your environment.

Thanks for considering the above modification.


On Nov 16, 2011, at 10:27 AM, Robert Millan wrote:

> Hi!
> Out of the kernel headers that are installed in /usr/include/ hierracy, there
> are some which include support multiple operating systems (usually FreeBSD and
> other *BSD flavours).
> This patch adds support to detect GNU/kFreeBSD as well.  In all cases, we
> match the same declarations as FreeBSD does (which is to be expected in kernel
> headers, since both systems share the same kernel).
> Does it look fine?
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