Second SATA device lost after ZFS root is mount

Alexander Motin mav at
Mon Nov 14 22:39:54 UTC 2011

On 15.11.2011 00:22, Sebastian Chmielewski wrote:
> I have laptop with two hard disks - SSD and HDD attached instead of optical
> drive, running 9.0-PRERELEASE, GENERIC and custom configured kernel (same symptoms for both).
> Second HDD is lost during boot (root is on ada0, ada0 and ada1 are partitioned using GPT):
> ada1 at ahcich1 bus 0 scbus1 target 0 lun 0
> ada1:<ST9500420AS 0003LVM1>  ATA-8 SATA 2.x device
> ada1: 300.000MB/s transfers (SATA 2.x, UDMA5, PIO 8192bytes)
> ada1: Command Queueing enabled
> ada1: 476940MB (976773168 512 byte sectors: 16H 63S/T 16383C)
> ada1: Previously was known as ad6
> ....
> Trying to mount root from zfs:zroot []...
> (ada1:ahcich1:0:0:0): lost device
> (ada1:ahcich1:0:0:0): removing device entry
> cryptosoft0:<software crypto>  on motherboard
> GEOM_ELI: Device gpt/home0.eli created.
> The same symptoms are for original DVD Drive - it is lost during the boot
> when ZFS root is successfully mount and before GELI asks for password.
> What is most strange it doesn't occur when boot into single user mode.
> What can be the cause?

SATA device can be dropped because of error during reset/ probe/ 
initialization sequence or because controller reported disconnection. 
Verbose boot messages (boot -v from loader prompt) should give more 
information about what happened there. Show please full verbose dmesg.

Alexander Motin

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