Use of newest version number such as 10.0 instead of current

Miroslav Lachman 000.fbsd at
Fri Nov 11 14:39:32 UTC 2011

Chuck Burns wrote:
> On Friday, November 11, 2011 08:17:52 AM you wrote:
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>> My sentence is NOT about "Current" , but 9.0 RC1 .
>> Perhaps , you will NOT say , if a person is NOT knowledgeable , he should
>> NOT use 9.0 RC1 .
> If you use a proper RC, then pkg_add will work until a new RC, and since there
> is no binary upgrade path for anything other than releases, you will need to
> reinstall, with the newly released RC.

You can use freebsd-update for RC upgrades too!

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>> Up to now , my most disappointed situation is that , there is NO any
>> tendency to
>> lower required expertise level to use FreeBSD .
>> Such an approach is confining FreeBSD to a small number of elite users
>>   when compared to millions of Linux users let alone hundred millions of
>> some other operating systems which they are approaching to billions when
>> version users are summed in spite of paying money also .
> GhostBSD, PCBSD are two options for "lower expertise" and, as such, are billed
> as desktop versions of FreeBSD.
> FreeBSD itself (as well as the other BSDs) is a minimalistic OS, where you can
> build your own system, making it either into a server, workstation, or even
> into a desktop system if you so desire.
> If you want something with point-n-click ease of use, go use one of the two
> desktop-oriented versions.
> Both GhostBSD, and PCBSD are just a desktop environment built on top of
> FreeBSD.  PCBSD even has a 9.0 RC out now as well, if you're into testing.
> PCBSD uses the kde environment, and GhostBSD uses the gnome 2.32 environment.
> If you want something else, feel free to create your own. There is nothing in
> the BSD license that prevents you from doing that.
> Instead of complaining that SOMEONE ELSE should do something that YOU want
> done, why not just do it yourself.
> In other words, put up, or shut up. :)

Really, this is not a proper worded answer to someone who just tried to 
request some more friendliness to new users and increase our user base.

It doesn't metter if there are some other "freebsd based" projects. 
FreeBSD it-self has a problem - fewer users = fewer manufacturers will 
support FreeBSD (drivers).

Miroslav Lachman

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