Netgear WNA1000N USB wlan device

Glen Barber glen.j.barber at
Thu Nov 10 06:19:35 UTC 2011


Netgear has these neat little USB micro wireless network adapters[1]
that one could plug in and forget about without fear of, for example,
breaking the device.

Said devices are really nice for those of us without supported
integrated wireless chipsets, such as those found in late 2010 MacBooks,
or anything manufactured by Dell recently...

The only problem is that the device itself is not supported.

The device appears to have a RealTek RTL8188CUS chipset (vendor 0846,
device 9041), which, without knowing much more about the device, I
suspect could work with the urtw(4) driver.  However, my feeble attempts
at simulating support for the device ended, well, as expected.  :)

Is someone out there interested in undertaking the task of tweaking the
driver code (if it's feasible in this case, of course) to get this
device supported?  I suspect more people than just me would be greatly
appreciative of support for it.  :)



[1] -

Glen Barber

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