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Wed Nov 9 07:07:45 UTC 2011

On 09/11/2011, at 17:32, Garrett Cooper wrote
>> dd's of large files (spooled backups going to tape) to /dev/null are as slow as Samba.
>    - Dedupe?


>    - Compression?

On the mail spool & ports, but not on the tape spool.

>    - How much RAM?


>    - What debug options do you have enabled in the kernel?

It is 8.2-GENERIC so.. no WITNESS (for example)

>    I've been noticing a slowdown in some respects with NFS/SMB, but I
> suspected it was because I have an re(4) based NIC. ZFS has also wired
> down a lot of my system memory for the L2ARC…

re isn't great but I wouldn't expect it to slow down over time.. Unless bounce buffers got used more and more or something.

I have an em0 card in this system - but in any case it is slow locally (i.e. dd a large file with 64k block size).

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