ath 11n tx work is now in head

Adrian Chadd adrian at
Tue Nov 8 23:36:41 UTC 2011


I've merged in the bulk of my 11n TX work in a series of commits,
culminating in a (still) overly large patch which added software TX
aggregation and TX queue support.

It's absolutely possible this has completely broken the ath driver.
I'm going to spend the next few days throwing it against the hardware
I have with me just to see if I broke anything during the merge.

If you feel brave, throw on ATH_ENABLE_11N in your kernel config file
and give it a go.
If you're using legacy (non-11n) NICs, or you're not using 11N at
home, please enable it too. It affects the non-11n TX path as well and
I'd like to make absolutely sure this is still (mostly) working.

Finally, if you -are- going to be testing this, I won't accept any
error reports unless you've been running it with the -current
debugging flags. That is, lock/witness debugging, asserts, and the
memory allocator debugging. There's just too much that could be going
wrong and I'd like to make sure that I have all of the relevant
information from testers.

Thanks again!


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