O. Hartmann ohartman at zedat.fu-berlin.de
Tue Nov 8 11:36:20 UTC 2011

Sorry for the boring question, but is the default configuration file
/sys/amd64/conf/DEFAULTS anywhere include in a regular configuration
file for the kernel while building the kernel?

I looked for include statements in GENERIC, but didn't find one. I use
custom kernel config files and adapt most changes from the NOTES files
in the sources tree.

With the today's update of README in /sys/amd64/conf I realised some
important changes, so this triggered my question.

I simply made an additional "include" in the custom config file, but if
this isn't necessary, I'll delete it again. And I'm interested in how
the kernel is built from. It is a very convenient way to type simply
"make kerne" in /usr/src/, but it vanishes to much of the complexity and
understanding how the system builds and could cause problems.

Thanks for your patience and tahnks in advance,


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