[head tinderbox] failure on powerpc64/powerpc

Ed Schouten ed at 80386.nl
Sun Nov 6 20:56:58 UTC 2011

* FreeBSD Tinderbox <tinderbox at freebsd.org>, 20111106 20:28:
> atrun.o:(.got+0x28): undefined reference to `effective_uid'
> atrun.o:(.got+0x30): undefined reference to `effective_gid'
> atrun.o:(.got+0x40): undefined reference to `real_gid'
> atrun.o:(.got+0x48): undefined reference to `real_uid'

Sorry about that. Should be fixed now!

 Ed Schouten <ed at 80386.nl>
 WWW: http://80386.nl/
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