Adding disk firmware programming capability to camcontrol

Chris Rees utisoft at
Fri Nov 4 16:47:11 UTC 2011

On 4 Nov 2011 16:33, "Pegasus Mc Cleaft" <ken at> wrote:
> >>
> >>        To me, the only difference between borking a drive because of
> >> bad firmware and typing "rm -rf *" from root is about £40.  You still
> >> lose at least a day rebuilding/restoring everything.
> >>
> >
> >You clearly haven't bought a hard drive recently.
> >
> >Chris
> Laughs!
>        Yea, trust karma to insert my foot into my mouth when I open it to
> speak 8-)

Never mind ;)

I do take issue with this viewpoint however; in documentation this is the
difference between Caution (you may lose data) and Warning (you may break
your hardware).

Why should the software be inconsistent with the hardware? I think an
option *specifically for this task* would be useful as confirmation.

I'm really sorry for bikeshedding; the code and idea is excellent, but I
feel this issue is important!


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