isp(4) timeout

Matthew Jacob mj at
Thu Jun 30 12:11:08 UTC 2011

On 6/30/2011 3:25 AM, Anton Shterenlikht wrote:
> I see in my logs:
> isp0: Polled Mailbox Command (0x54) Timeout (500000us) (started @ isp_plogx:2122)
> isp0: Mailbox Command 'EXECUTE IOCB A64' failed (TIMEOUT)
> isp0: Chan 0 PLOGI 0x010500 failed
> isp0: Polled Mailbox Command (0x64) Timeout (250000us) (started @ isp_getpdb:2307)
> isp0: Mailbox Command 'GET PORT DATABASE' failed (TIMEOUT)

More details please.

These errors indicate failures to execute commands that try and figure 
out what's on a fabric and then log into devices on the fabric. Knowing 
what hardware you have (QLogic card version), what FreeBSD release you 
are running, would help. A verbose dmesg would be useful.

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