CAM/SATA: attach/detach problems with harddrive

Alexander Motin mav at
Tue Jun 28 18:34:05 UTC 2011

On 28.06.2011 18:09, O. Hartmann wrote:
> Several maintenance of a ZFS pools has to be done and my intention was
> to swap the 2TB hd disk (WDC WD20EARS-00MVWB0) with a 3TB hd disk
> (WD30EZRX).
> zfs umount works well,
> zpool export POOL also worked well,
> but I didn't find any "detach command" within camcontrol (I use the new
> AHACI/CAM layout in the kernel on FreeBSD 9.0-CURRENT/amd64 r223597, so
> my harddrives all show up as ada0 to ada4.
> Since the box has a IcyDock 5-Slot backplane attached to the ICH0R
> chipset and camcontrol doesn't reveal any detach command like atacontrol
> did, I trusted in hotplugging capabilities and simply pulled the disk.
> All right, the box reported a lost device but did not crash. The I
> inserted the new drive. Entered
> camcontrol rescan all
> and
> camcontrol devlist showed up the new device. But I can't do anything
> with the drive. Even with the former device inserted again, rescaned
> etc., a zpool import command get stuck as well as any diskinfo -ctv ada4
> issued to the device. The drive shows up in camcontrol devlist, but
> seems inoperable. What I'm doing wrong?

With controller in AHCI mode device plug-in should be detected without 
any additional activity. If not, `camcontrol reset X`, `camcontrol 
rescan X` sequence should force it, where X is a CAM scbus number.

Without additional info I can't say what went wrong there. I would 
recommend to enable verbose kernel messages to get more info. Also 
consider that SATA default timeout is 30 seconds, so if due to some 
issues during plug-in some command was lost, recovery may take a bit.

Alexander Motin

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