NFS/BOOTP problem

Rick Macklem rmacklem at
Tue Jun 28 13:38:11 UTC 2011

Grzegorz Bernacki wrote:
> Hi,
> After rebasing to new -current I experienced problem with mounting
> root
> via NFS. I was getting error: "Mounting from nfs: failed with error 2:
> unknown file system.". I use BOOTP and NFSv3 (option NFSCLIENT). It
> seems that bootp set fs type to 'nfs' and recently NFSv3 was renamed
> to
> 'oldnfs'. Patch below fixes the problem. Do you think it is proper
> solution? Could it be fixed some other better way?
If you wish to use the old NFS client as the root fs, you can add a line

in the boot/loader.conf file on the root fs in the NFS server to have the
same effect as your patch. (This is mentioned in the message in UPDATING.)

However, it would be nice if you used the new NFS client instead, by building
the kernel with "option NFSCL" so that it uses the new NFS client.
(The new NFS client does NFSv3 in what I believe to be a completely compatible
 way as the old one.)

If you tried the new NFS client and it didn't work for you, I would like
to hear what the problem was, so it can be resolved. (The intent was to leave
the old NFS client in the system so that it could be used as a fallback when
the new one didn't work correctly for some situation.)

If others feel that having a system that will boot via the old NFS client
without needing to add the line to loader.conf is important, then doing
your patch would be appropriate. I didn't do what your patch does, since I
was hoping folks would use the new client instead and only force use of the
old one when it was really necessary.

[patch snipped for brevity]

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