[CFT] Sierra Wireless HSPA+ USB modem

PseudoCylon moonlightakkiy at yahoo.ca
Tue Jun 28 05:11:47 UTC 2011


Here is a driver for Sierra Wireless HSPA+ USB modem. Please test it. My subscription will expire on June 29, 2011. (Yes, it sounds silly.) So, try it before too late.

source tree https://gitorious.org/usie/usie/trees/master
tarball https://gitorious.org/usie/usie/archive-tarball/master

The driver should work on CURRENT and 8.2 RELEASE.
Supports only Direct IP supported models with device ID of 0x68a3

(Direct IP == the device has a port we can throw IP packets at, no need to use any serial port)
A list of supported device names are posted on FreeBSD forum.

* How to use
0) add a following to somewhere in /usr/src/sys/dev/usbdevs
product AIRPRIME USB3080x68A3  USB308 HSPA+ USB Modem
1) compile
2) #kldload usie
3) plugin the device (Make sure load the module first)
4) wait while the modem is going though power up cycle
5) #dhclient usie0
6) surf

* To disconnect
#ifconfig usie0 down
#kldunload usie


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