Gabor PALI pgj at
Sun Jun 26 01:32:49 UTC 2011

 Hi Eric,

On 06/26/11 02:13, Eric McCorkle wrote:
> The GHC (Glasgow Haskell Compiler) was marked broken by pointyhat
> sometime back in May, following its update to GHC 7.0.3_1.  I'm not
> sure if anyone has looked at this, but it doesn't appear anyone has.

Yes, you are right, sorry, I have not had time to take a closer look at
this, but there is a log [1] for it on pointyhat (that I could not also
reproduce on a -CURRENT system).

> The GCC build succeeds

Sounds great.

> With Clang, an error occurs in one of the configure scripts, because
> Clang warns about unused command-line arguments, and the configure
> script assumes that to be a compiler error.  You can deal with this by
> adding -Qunused-parameter to CFLAGS.

Thanks for investigating this.

> However, the stage 1 compiler's parser appears to be broken, as it
> reports erroneous parse errors on the GHC compiler's source code (and
> probably for any haskell program, but it never gets a chance to).  I'm
> not sure why this happens, but I will investigate more closely once I
> deal with some more important issues I'm investigating.

I would be happy to see the logs.

> In any case, the port builds fine with GCC.  Perhaps it would be
> prudent to set CC=gcc and CXX=g++ in the makefile for the time being
> and mark the port as working again?

Yeah, that might be a solution, I will try it.


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