FreeBSD 9.0-CUR/amd64 CLANG: howto use gcc __builtin_ia32?

O. Hartmann ohartman at
Thu Jun 16 07:29:00 UTC 2011

On 06/16/11 09:04, O. Hartmann wrote:
> On 06/15/11 20:36, Doug Rabson wrote:
>> You could try using the standard<xmmintrin.h> header - that has inline
>> functions which should cover all the SSE instructions.
>> On 12 June 2011 17:43, Hartmann, O.<ohartman at> wrote:
>>> I use some numerical code utilizing the SIMD units of modern X86
>>> architectures. Code compiles well using gcc/gcc46,
>>> but clang does not know about the __builtin_ia32_xxxxx() statements.
>>> How to
>>> treat those in clang and how to make
>>> C code compiling with clang utilizing those __builtin_ia32 statements?
>>> Thanks,
>>> Oliver
> Thanks for this hint.
> I tried, and its a negative. I'm quite new to the usage of builtins and
> I oriented myself using gcc style __builtins. Especially
> __builtin_ia32_mulpd(()), __builtin_ia32_addpd(()). The aim is to add,
> mul, div and sub two 64 Bit doubles residing in a 128 Bit xmm register;
> by doing this, a struct contains two unions, each 128 bit, to simulate a
> 4d vector, so I' capable of adding, multiplying etc. vectors using the
> SIMD units. It seems that there is a more 'sophisticated' way than
> simply apllying the __builtin assembly equivalences.
> Oliver
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Sorry for the noise,

got it. Using _mm_add_pd() etc.


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