fast/syscall-free gettimeofday ?

Julian Elischer julian at
Thu Jun 16 00:44:18 UTC 2011

> If this was to be extended with cached global syscall information like gettimeofday, would we want that to be in a separate page that is marked non-executable?  Is there any way to trick the kernel into leaking arbitrary (and thus executable) code?  Also, would it matter for jails?  Per-process info like getpid would obviously have to be a separate per-process page.
> Scott
In the talk about this sort of topic  I have seen mention at various times
of a page per system, a page per jail, a page per process and a page 
per thread.

I'm not saying we want this all just that I've seen it mentionned..

The per-thread one is the most intersting to do challenge wise.

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