problems with cvsup on FreeBSD 9 snapshot 201101

Eric McCorkle eric at
Wed Jun 15 14:51:31 UTC 2011

On 6/15/11 8:23 AM, Holger Kipp wrote:
> Dear all,
> I had installed FreeBSD 9 amd64 from snapshot (ISO-image) located here:
> Today I wanted to cvsup to a later date to upgrade to ZFS v28
> and compiled port /usr/ports/net/cvsup-without-gui without problems.
> Starting freshly compiled cvsup then gives me
> "Illegal Instruction"
> This error seems to be identical to 

I've gotten the same problem, and managed to diagnose it.  The problem 
actually isn't an illegal instruction, but a stack misalignment.  If you 
load it in gdb, it will die with SIGSEGV somewhere in, on a 
callq instruction.  This is because callq needs the stack to be 16-byte 
aligned, and it's not for some reason.

As for why it's not aligned, I don't know.

Eric McCorkle
Computer Science Ph.D Student,
University of Massachusetts
Research Intern, IBM Research

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