rc.d script to load kernel modules

Gustau Pérez gperez at entel.upc.edu
Sun Jun 12 22:12:52 UTC 2011

> Yeah his message was around what I was thinking was wrong with loader or
> not neccesarily wrong but what it was limited to that was similiar to
> one of my previous messages stating contention, limitation, etc...

   Sorry if my post was understood wrong. I did mean to say the culprit
was zfs, I was trying to state that a zfs-only installation makes the
problem even worse. An UFS installation with many modules loaded by the
loader do also take quite long to start.

   Right now, there are some cases where the modules must be loaded
before the kernel. VirtualBox support for hostonly interfaces comes to
my mind right now (vboxnetadp and vboxnetflt must be loaded before the
kernel). Others like fuse are loaded by an rc script.
   So I would go with a kernel with all the support compiled in (even
with opensolaris.ko and zfs.ko in my case) to boot and then load the
rest of the modules with an rc script. I think this is a quite big move
because it would mean removing the responsability of loading modules by
the loader before the kernel. The loader would be resposible of loading
the kernel and setting some configs that can only be set before booting.

   Hope I'm not saying anything incorrect. Sorry for the noise.

   Best regards,


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