[r222277] Strange GEOM, bsdlabel and ZFS behavior

Andrey V. Elsukov bu7cher at yandex.ru
Fri Jun 10 07:04:36 UTC 2011

On 10.06.2011 10:50, Eir Nym wrote:
> messages on the start of this dmesg are for more pages of (I have see
> them for several seconds on same hardware)
> kernel config : http://eroese.org/_/_/pub/bsd/222889/GENERIC_PF

You have mixed old partitioning classes with GEOM_PART.
You should remove from the kernel at least:
options		GEOM_BSD
options		GEOM_MBR
options		GEOM_PC98
options		GEOM_VOL

WBR, Andrey V. Elsukov

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