Heads Up: default NFS server changing to the new one

Chris Forgeron cforgeron at acsi.ca
Fri Jun 3 20:27:40 UTC 2011


 I've been pounding on the new NFS server with a few test VM's from my ESX cluster for the last 2 weeks, 24/7. Everything looks solid, no panics, no errors, no corruption. Memory usage is staying stable, so I haven't found any leaks. I'm using IOMETER to move a few TB of randomized data a day over the NFS link from each VM. 

 However,  ESX is only a NFS3 client, so my tests are not exercising any NFS4 based protocols. 

 I hope to do a speed test comparison between new and old NFS servers this weekend - At this stage, my feeling is that the new NFS server is at least as fast. I suspect tests will show it to be faster (at least the code looks faster. :-) ).

 I'm going to expand testing by upgrading one of our non-critical SAN's to the latest code as well, so we'll see what it's like having 20 different workstations connecting daily and moving small files has on it. 

 Good work on the new code. 

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