[WORKAROUND] www/seamonkey2 on CURRENT

Daniel Eischen deischen at freebsd.org
Sat Jan 29 18:02:26 UTC 2011

On Sat, 29 Jan 2011, Alexey Shuvaev wrote:

> Hello!
> It seems www/seamonkey2 is broken on CURRENT for at least 1 month now [1].
> Examining build log and reproducing it locally, the problem is in the
> usage of libiconv in nsNativeCharsetUtils.cpp. The linker fails to
> produce libxpcom_core.so although -L/usr/local/lib and -liconv
> are specified [2]. Examining this further I found that nsNativeCharsetUtils.o
> produced with [3] fails to link with libiconv alone too [4] (note
> still unresolved libiconv references).
> I'm not a compiler/linker guru and do not understand what is happening
> here. As a workaroud I use the attached patch which disables the usage
> of libiconv in nsNativeCharsetUtils.cpp.

Yes, I had this problem also on -current.  Does seamonkey build
on recent 8.x?

libxpcomio_s.a is a static library that has unresolved references
to libiconv.  I guess I'd expect those references to be resolved
with a later -L/usr/local/lib -liconv when building the shared
library (libxpcom_core.so), but they are not.


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