My ZFS v28 Testing Experience

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Mon Jan 24 17:35:37 UTC 2011

Unfortunately, this didn't make a difference. There is no signifigant change in the benchmarks with the new compile. 

I do have a lot of CPU power at hand, so it doesn't look to be bound there at all. Possibly, that's one of the issues. I'm running 2 new Xeon X5660's so there's 6x2 (12) physical, 12x2 (24) virtual cores present to FreeBSD. How well is scheduling being handled on this processor architecture?

At this stage, I can't say with any confidence that it _is_ ZFS at fault here, because I'm involving NFS and the ix driver substantially.  I just know that NFS to a ZFS share on Solaris 11 Express is wildly faster than FreeBSD 9.0, regardless of tweaks. 

Now, there may be some extra debug within the NFS code that is the issue here, I'm not sure at this stage. I could also play with iSCSI instead, or the raw ZFS filesystem instead, but my needs involve NFS+ZFS, so that's my main test environment. I'm not using the new NFSv4 code. 

Let me know if there is something you'd like to test or know more about on my setup - I'll be running FreeBSD for about a week on this box (finishing up some last bits of work that I need it for), then I'm back to Solaris 11 Express for the next few months. 

I may end up having to build a separate box so I'm more easily able to test this configuration. I'd like to say with more confidence where the speed is going, because I feel FreeBSD deserves to be top-notch, and right now I'm only raising issues that aren't exact enough to work on. 

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>Before we go any further could you please confirm that you commented out this line in sys/modules/zfs/Makefile:
>This turns all kind of ZFS debugging and slows it down a lot, but for the correctness testing is invaluable. This will >be turned off once we import ZFS into FreeBSD-CURRENT.

Ah! I did not do this. My bad, I've made the edit, and will be recompiling today to see the differences this makes. 

I will also clone my disk, turn witness and full debug back on, and then try and find out where my problems importing a pool with multiple cache/log devices comes from. It's quite possible it's not hanging, just taking forever, and I'm impatient and not letting it sit for a n hour to see if it completes. 

Will report back once I have numbers. 
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