BSDInstall: merging to HEAD

Gary Jennejohn gljennjohn at
Sun Jan 16 09:28:24 UTC 2011

On Fri, 14 Jan 2011 12:26:43 -0600
Nathan Whitehorn <nwhitehorn at> wrote:

> As those of you who have been reading freebsd-sysinstall and 
> freebsd-arch know, I have been working for a few weeks on a lightweight 
> new installer named 'bsdinstall'. This is designed to replace sysinstall 
> for the 9.0 release.
> After two weeks of testing and bug fixes on the sysinstall list, I 
> believe this now has all required functionality and is ready to be 
> merged into the main source tree. I would like to do this on Tuesday, 18 
> January. Switching this to be the default installer would happen a few 
> weeks after that, pending discussion on release formats with the release 
> engineering team. This should provide a sufficient testing period before 
> 9.0 and allow a maximal number of bugs to be discovered and solved 
> before the release is shipped.
> Demo ISO for i386: 
> SVN repository: svn://
> Wiki page:

I installed this under VirtualBox yesterday.  The only porblem I noticed
was that adding a user didn't actually work, although it appeared to do
so (it asked at the end of the process whether all data for the new user
were correct and then claimed to have added the user).

Looking at /etc/passwd and in /home after booting the new installation
showed that the user was never added.

Otherwise it was a smooth install, although I didn't try anything fancy
and just used the quick install and the entire disk for simpicity.

Gary Jennejohn

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