R: Recent mouse freeze problem with X, different window managers, any browser and flash.

Barbara barbara.xxx1975 at libero.it
Wed Jan 12 05:09:56 UTC 2011

>On Tue, 11 Jan 2011 22:58:16 +0100 (CET)
>Barbara <barbara.xxx1975 at libero.it> wrote:
>> >>
>> >>For a week or so, with up to date, current, ports, etc.  everytime
>> >I >open a page that has automatic flash video my mouse freezes and
>> >I have >to manually kill X and restart.  I had worked fine for many
>> >months. >Yesterday I rebuilt all linux emulation.  All ports are up
>> >to date as >of today.  I have no idea where to look.
>> >>
>> >>Anyone else seen this or know where to look.
>> >>
>> >>thanks,
>> >>
>> >
>> >>From what I can see, on CURRENT most of the flash objects are
>> >triggering a 
>> X 
>> >error.
>> >I can see it on the console where I started X, but I don't remember
>> >it now. I'll post il later.
>> >Anyway Xorg is still working after that.
>> >
>> >Barbara
>> I think that it could be related to this message:
>> http://lists.freebsd.org/pipermail/freebsd-current/2010-December/021997.
>> even if I'm on i386
>Try disabling mtrr, machdep.disable_mtrrs=0 through /boot/loader.conf.
>If that is the case, you probably want this:
>I'm CCing jkim@ (r215415)
>Ariff Abdullah

I solved the problems after a make world. Previous one has been done on Dec. 
I'll describe better you what I was seeing:
first I noticed that most flash objects were not working, and that when it was 
happening a crash in Xorg caused somehow by gdk-pixbuf2 were trapped.
Then I tried to rebuild graphics/gdk-pixbuf2 but the build was failing and as 
far as I can remember it was somehow related to endian.h. A required port, 
devel/gmake was failing too.
Then I tried to run portsnap and update the (few) outdated ports and there was 
an error rebuilding java/openjdk6.
No all the problem are gone away.

Summarizing it was similar, except that I'm on i386, to the one reported in 
the same discussion reported before, exactly here:

So, from what I can understand, I think that what you are suggesting is not 
needed for me.
Do you think I am correct? What kind of problem should the setting for loader 
In any case, thanks!

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