NFSv4 and pam_mount - mounting user home directories.

Marek Salwerowicz salwerom at
Mon Jan 10 00:49:51 UTC 2011

>> Good to know if it will work with nfsv4 server started via rc.conf and
>> sysctl values in sysctl.conf..
> build a kernel with "options NFSD" in its config file and then try it
> with that kernel, and then you'll find out...

How about patching the /etc/rc.d/nfsd script like this:

                if checkyesno nfs_server_newnfs_only; then
                        echo 'NFS server serving only newnfs (NFSv4)=YES'
                        sysctl vfs.newnfs.server_min_nfsvers=4 > /dev/null

It checks if there is a 
set in rc.conf, and if so, it runs the sysctl command.

But, after testing, it is too late (nfsd starts with NFSv3 support). Any idea where to put that patch  ?

Marek Salwerowicz

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