NFSv4 and pam_mount - mounting user home directories.

Rick Macklem rmacklem at
Sun Jan 9 13:50:48 UTC 2011

> After manually setting:
> salwerom at freebsd:/etc#sudo sysctl vfs.newnfs.server_max_nfsvers=4
> vfs.newnfs.server_max_nfsvers: 4 -> 4
> salwerom at freebsd:/etc#sudo sysctl vfs.newnfs.server_min_nfsvers=4
> vfs.newnfs.server_min_nfsvers: 4 -> 4
> salwerom at freebsd:/etc#
> We are still able to mount via NFSv3 (even when those two lines are
> commented in sysctl.conf).
> Any other idea.. ?
It just worked for me. Try setting the sysctl before starting nfsd. If
you are starting the daemons manually for a kernel that doesn't have
"options NFSD" do:

# nfsuserd
# mountd -e -r
# sysctl vfs.newnfs.server_min_nfsvers=4
# nfsd -e -u -t -n 8

- mountd -e loads the module, so you can do the sysctl after that and before
  starting the nfsd. (Or build a kernel with "options NFSD" and do the sysctl
  anytime before starting the nfsd.)

ps: I tested the FreeBSD-8 client. Other clients may not even talk to the NFS
   server during mounting. For those, the mount would succeed, but subsequent
   use of the mount won't work.

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