nfssvc not available or version mismatch (nfsv4 client)

Anonymous swell.k at
Fri Jan 7 20:41:30 UTC 2011

Ivan Voras <ivoras at> writes:

> On 7 January 2011 20:15, Rick Macklem <rmacklem at> wrote:
>> Well, no UIDs on the wire inside the NFSv4 RPCs. Unfortunately, if
>> you are using AUTH_SYS, there are still UIDs in the RPC header. But
>> if you use krb5 then, yes, no UIDs on the wire.
> I was thinking about the practical scenario where users share a server
> - currently, as there's AFAIK no facility for remapping UIDs in
> FreeBSD, UIDs and usernames have to match on all machines. Will this
> change with NFSv4?

We had one, mount_umap(8). I've used it to remap

  0 (root) -> 1001 (foo)

for an NFS mount a year ago on NetBSD. It was pretty stable there.

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