nfssvc not available or version mismatch (nfsv4 client)

Rick Macklem rmacklem at
Fri Jan 7 14:47:17 UTC 2011

> > Try loading all of the modules one-by-one.
> so, after loading nfssvc.ko:
> vm-salwerom% sudo ./nfsuserd start
> Starting nfsuserd.
> vm-salwerom% sudo ./nfscbd start
> Starting nfscbd.
> nfscbd: Can't get fully qualified host name
This won't break the nfscbd, which you don't need unless
you are using delegations. (Not enabled by default in the
FreeBSD server.)

However, in nfsuserd can't figure out your domain, you'll
need to set one via the "-domain xxx.yyy" option for

What it needs to know is the domain name that you are using
for bind, etc since that is appended to user and group names
that go on the wire. For example:
- If the machine's name is as shown
  by the hostname command...
  --> the domain name is
  then the user rick will go on the wire as rick at
  - if your hostname doesn't have a domain spec, it will try and
    get a fully qualified name via the ai_canonname returned from
    getaddrinfo. For example:
    # hostname
    nfs-client      <-- no .xxx domain spec so
    --> does a getaddrinfo for nfs-client and then looks for .xxx
        in ai_canonname

If you do "ls -l" on an NFSv4 mounted directory and see lotts nobody
this domain spec either isn't configured or isn't configured the same
as the server.

> vm-salwerom% kldstat
> Id Refs Address Size Name
> 1 29 0xffffffff80100000 711d58 kernel
> 2 1 0xffffffff80812000 85d0 procfs.ko
> 3 2 0xffffffff8081b000 9628 pseudofs.ko
> 4 1 0xffffffff80825000 68ad0 if_em.ko
> 5 1 0xffffffff80a12000 2c92 geom_md.ko
> 6 1 0xffffffff80a15000 50fb tmpfs.ko
> 7 1 0xffffffff80a1b000 1fa green_saver.ko
> 8 3 0xffffffff80a1c000 381 nfssvc.ko
> 9 2 0xffffffff80a1d000 fd24 nfscommon.ko
> 10 1 0xffffffff80a2d000 2df67 nfscl.ko
> vm-salwerom%
> I am able to mount via nfsv4:
> vm-salwerom% mount_nfs -o nfsv4 free:/home/stud/salwerom nfs
> vm-salwerom% mount
> on / (nfs, read-only)
> devfs on /dev (devfs, local)
> /dev/md0 on /etc (ufs, local)
> procfs on /proc (procfs, local)
> tmpfs on /tmp (tmpfs, local)
> tmpfs on /var (tmpfs, local)
> tmpfs on /home/stud/salwerom (tmpfs, local)
> free:/home/stud/salwerom on /home/stud/salwerom/nfs (newnfs)
> vm-salwerom%
> The problem is how to automatically load during system boot
> nfssvc(.ko) ?
Hmm, everything seems ok in head and works for me, but it might have been broken at
some point. As a workaround, you can build your kernel with
options NFSCL
in the kernel config file so that it doesn't need to load the modules
at all.


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