Request for testing/comments -- import of new dialog/libdialog

Nathan Whitehorn nwhitehorn at
Thu Jan 6 01:25:33 UTC 2011

As part of work on a new installer, I would like to update the base 
system dialog and libdialog to the newer one provided by Thomas Dickey 
(, ports as devel/cdialog). This is a 
much nicer, fuller featured version of dialog that simplifies the 
creation of new dialog-using tools (a longstanding impediment to a new 
versions of sade, sysinstall, etc.), and is under a marginally better 
license (LGPL2 instead of GPL2).

Patches to effect the import can be found at:

What the patches do:
- Replaces dialog(1) with a new version. All command-line options of the 
old dialog except --fstree are accepted by the new dialog, and the ports 
options framework continues to work without modification.
- Renames libdialog to libodialog (old dialog). The new dialog library 
has a much more pleasant API than the old one -- which directly implies 
that it has a substantially different API. Until sysinstall, sade, and 
tzsetup are replaced or rewritten, we need to keep the old library around.
- Modifies sysinstall, sade, and tzsetup to link to libodialog instead 
of libdialog.
- Deletes all man pages and examples associated with libodialog. This is 
deprecated code.
- Installs new dialog library as libdialog
- Bumps __FreeBSD_version to 900030

Layout of new files:
- /usr/src/contrib/dialog -- contents of 20100428 release of dialog (the 
same as the current ports version)
- /usr/src/gnu/lib/dialog -- new dialog library
- /usr/src/gnu/lib/libodialog -- old dialog library
- /usr/src/gnu/usr.bin/dialog -- new dialog binary

I would appreciate any comments or adverse test results. If I hear 
nothing, I plan to commit this on Wednesday, January 12, one week from 

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