RFC regarding usage of ISO 8601 throughout the tree

Miroslav Lachman 000.fbsd at quip.cz
Wed Jan 5 23:58:40 UTC 2011

Ulrich Spörlein wrote:
> On Wed, 05.01.2011 at 19:00:31 +0100, Julian H. Stacey wrote:
>> Ulrich =?utf-8?B?U3DDtnJsZWlu?= wrote:
>>> Hello,
>>> With the recent changes to the committer graphs, I again was reminded
>>> how much I hate the YYYY/MM/DD format (I can't help it ...). Given that
>> I guess&  hope you mean you like linear decreasing order but
>> dislike '/' as a delimeter&  want to swap from '/' to '-' as in ISO ?
> Exactly.
>>> this almost looks like ISO 8601, but is an unreadable variant of it, I
>>> would like to aggressively change this throughout the tree.
>>> I'd like to start with minor stuff like share/misc/*.dot. Then probably
>>> src/UPDATING, and ports/UPDATING after I've identified the consumers of
>>> these docs.
>> Do you mean you would like to swap eg src/UPDATING 20100720 to eg
>> 2010-07-20  ?  That would be more readable.
> Yes, I think for lists of dates like in UPDATING or automatically
> generated date output like syslogd, the ISO8601 format only has
> advantages.

I am using ISO8601 date + time format for years in my scripts, logs 
etc., so it would be nice to have it on all places of FreeBSD as a 
standard format.
I think 2010-07-20 is really readable than 20100720 or 2010/07/20 and 
"2011-01-06 00:03:50" is better than "Jan  6 00:03:50"  (in logs)


Miroslav Lachman

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