No human readable message with g_vfs

Edward Tomasz Napierała trasz at
Mon Jan 3 16:56:37 UTC 2011

Wiadomość napisana przez Kostik Belousov w dniu 2011-01-03, o godz. 15:18:
> On Mon, Jan 03, 2011 at 02:16:37PM +0100, Matthias Andree wrote:
>> Am 03.01.2011 14:14, schrieb Ivan Voras:
>>> On 12/29/10 11:32, David Demelier wrote:
>>>> /var/log/messages.5.bz2:Nov 29 16:36:52 Abricot kernel:
>>>> g_vfs_done():ufs/public[READ(offset=232718991360, length=131072)]error
>>>> = 5
>>>> I think for a lambda user these are absolutely not understandable. I
>>> Would a better message be "WRITE error on da0, offset=34590720.
>>> length=65536, errno=5"?
>> nah, strerror(errno) isn't that much of an effort
> In kernel ? There is no strerror, and there is no great need to import the
> sys_errlist.

I had code that adds strerror() to the kernel in one of my old p4 branches.
Error messages like the one above look much better this way, but I didn't
have time to push it into the tree, and there is a risk of yet another i18n
discussion.  If someone is interested - let me know; I'll try to find it.

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