gptzfsboot error

Chase Epoch Cameron chase.epoch at
Fri Dec 16 19:02:05 UTC 2011

Salutations all,

I continuously see this error pop up when I boot my system as it loads, 
and it appears as such:

gptzfsboot error 49 lba 1
gptzfsboot error 49 lba 32
gptzfsboot error 49 lba 1
gptzfsboot error 49 lba 32

I have run dd to check for bad sectors both destructively and I am 
seeing no error reported in SMART. There are no pending or reallocated 
sectors shown, and other tests come back clean. The system boots 
correctly and seems to run extremely well, but after multiple installs 
of 9.0-RC2 and 9.0-RC3, multiple erasures of gpt (using gpart destroy 
and a dd of the first and last 15MiB of the drive), I keep seeing this 
error, with no indicator as to what the code means or why I am getting 
it. I have checked quite a few places to look for the information to 
decode this blighted thing, and figure out if it is hardware, bootcode, 
an albatross or whatever, but I keep hitting my head on the 
oh-so-frustratingly-lacking-in-the-information-I-require internet.

Any thoughts?


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