Benchmark (Phoronix): FreeBSD 9.0-RC2 vs. Oracle Linux 6.1 Server

O. Hartmann ohartman at
Thu Dec 15 07:32:57 UTC 2011

Just saw this shot benchmark on Phoronix dot com today:

It may be worth to discuss the sad performance of FBSD in some parts of
the benchmark. A difference of a factor 10 or 100 is simply far beyond
disapointing, it is more than inacceptable and by just reading those
benchmarks, I'd like to drop thinking of using FreeBSD even as a backend
server in scientific and business environments. In detail, some of the
SciMark benches look disappointing. The overall image can't help over
the fact that in C-Ray FreeBSD is better performing.

From the compiler, I'd like say there couldn't be a drop of more than 10
- 15% in performance - but not 10 or 100 times.

I'm just thinking about the discussion of SCHED_ULE and all the saur
spots we discussed when I stumbled over the test.


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