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I would be scared
away by such an arrogant looking page!

So, refactoring this page is a must.
1°) Put it offline? (i.e with a "At work" placeholder)
2°) Process a feature list on one table column, leaving N columns emtpy for
N other OS, waiting for skills to contribute?

    Yes and yes. I would start out with the FreeBSD highlights first
and foremost, then we can move on to compare it (in a positive light)
to other contemporary OSes.

It should be noted on the FreeBSD side of the comparison, whom has
borrowed concepts from FreeBSD, such as the network stack or Gentoo's
Portage system (just to name a few that come to mind.)

   Oh yes ... and maybe those, who incorporated silently BSD stuff like
   the TCP/IP stack - like M$.


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