9.0B1 Installer issues

Ron McDowell rcm at fuzzwad.org
Wed Aug 31 16:23:11 UTC 2011

Recently did a clean install of 9.0B1 into a 900gb VMware image.

1. The mount path shown on the screen gets truncated if it's longer than 
8 characters.  See /usr/ports on the image at 
http://www.fuzzwad.org/FreeBSD-9.0B1/fbsdinstall1.png  It does mount 
correctly but it'd be more useful to see the whole path than all the 
blue background in this screen.

2.  Creating a 4gb filesystem for /usr/ports does not generate enough 
inodes to untar ports.txz into. 
http://www.fuzzwad.org/FreeBSD-9.0B1/fbsdinstall2.png  This may not be 
an installer issue per se, but does need to be addressed.  I'm sure I'm 
not the only one who wants separate filesystems for ports [and src and obj].

3.  A minor nit... no screen image for this one so I hope my explanation 
suffices.  From the screen shown in 1 above [and on a disk with some 
unallocated space :) ], press "C"reate.  The top line says "freebsd-ufs" 
with the cursor on the "f", and you're in "insert mode".  I either have 
to arrow out to the end of the line, then backspace; or type in what I 
want, then delete the rest.  Two ways to make this more friendly. A] 
Place the cursor at the end of the line. B] Leave it at the beginning, 
but if anything but arrow keys are pressed [and you're at the beginning 
of the line], delete the text after the cursor.

Ron McDowell
San Antonio TX

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