multimedia/gnome-mplayer doesn't compile

Piotr Kubaj pkubaj at
Wed Aug 31 10:23:05 UTC 2011

I use 9.0-BETA1 on my two PCs (amd64). On both of them, I can't
upgrade gnome-mplayer to 1.0.0_2, after recent bump. My default
compiler on both PCs is clang (version 20110717), but the same error
happens when using the default GCC.
The error message is:

gui.c:475:58: error: too many arguments to function call, expected 3, have 4
                                        "gnome-mplayer", NULL);
/usr/include/sys/_null.h:32:14: note: expanded from:
#define NULL    ((void *)0)
/usr/local/include/libnotify/notification.h:114:1: note:
'notify_notification_new' declared here
NotifyNotification *notify_notification_new                  (const
char         *summary,
gui.c:478:17: warning: implicit declaration of function
'notify_notification_attach_to_status_icon' is invalid in C99

notify_notification_attach_to_status_icon(notification, status_icon);
gui.c:6420:22: warning: unused variable 'recent_filter' [-Wunused-variable]
    GtkRecentFilter *recent_filter;

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